Overtime and Travel Time

Beginning February 1, 2016, IHSS Providers who met the eligibility criteria were paid overtime and/or travel time within specific limits, as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  It is important to follow the overtime and travel time limitations to prevent getting a violation that could cause you to be suspended or terminated as an IHSS Provider.

Providers who work for multiple Recipients are eligible to receive travel time pay for the time it takes to travel directly from one Recipient to another Recipient's home on the same day. Your IHSS Travel Claim Form(s) must be submitted for travel time pay and it will be issued once we receive your completed SOC 2255 Form.

Travel Time Documents

  1. Provider Workweek and Travel Time Agreement | Acuerdo del Proveedor Sobre la Semana Laboraly el Tiempo de Traslado (SOC 2255)
  2. Provider Pre-Authorization Release (PAR) Form - optional, to help expedite issuance of Travel Claim Form(s)

FLSA and Violation Information