Orange County IHSS Public Authority Provider/Caregiver Services

Providers on the Orange County IHSS Public Authority Registry are available to work and perform tasks for eligible IHSS Consumers, enabling Consumers to remain safe and independent in their own home.

The Providers on the Orange County IHSS Public Authority Registry are pre-screened, interviewed, and must pass the Department of Justice criminal background check.



If you are interested in becoming a Provider on the Orange County IHSS Public Authority Registry please call 1-714/825-3202.


The requirements to become a Registry Provider are:


  1. Must follow the application process
    • Attend Registry Orientation
    • Submit a complete application
    • Provide a current and valid California driver’s license and Social Security card for verification
    • Provide personal & professional references who can provide information on your performance and work ethic
    • Pay and pass the Department of Justice Live Scan/criminal background check
  2. Must be willing and able to provide personal care and perform domestic services
  3. Must own an insured and dependable car
  4. Must be able to speak/read/write English


Provider Writing

IHSS Provider Resources

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Electronic Services Portal (ESP)
  • Online Direct Deposit Services
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Violation Prevention
  • Proration Calculator Tool
Provider wheelchair


Orange County IHSS Public Authority


  • To request Provider Training


Orange County IHSS Public Authority Provider Enrollment


  • To report newly hired Providers
  • Questions about enrollment status (8 week follow up)


OC IHSS Public Authority Provider Registry


  • Provider interested in joining the Registry




  • Questions regarding Payroll
  • To contact IHSS Social Worker
  • To report a work-related injury
  • Request for employment verification


Adult Protective Services

To report suspected adult abuse

  • Physical, Sexual
  • Verbal, Emotional, Psychological
  • Financial
  • Neglect and Self-neglect
  • Isolation and Abandonment


Child Protective Services


  • To report suspected child abuse


MediCal Fraud & Abuse Hotline


  • To report suspected Medi-Cal fraud and abuse


OC Community Information & Referral Resource
2 1 1
Office on Aging Referral Resource
Goldman & Walker Insurance Services


  • Information about health benefits for Providers


United Domestic Workers of America
Regional: 1-800/621-5016
Local: 1-714/663-1082


  • Union Membership
  • Questions about dues
  • Benefits
  • Union activities