Frequently Asked Questions About Provider Enrollment

You are the Provider.

The Recipient is the person you are caring for.

The IHSS Recipient is your boss/employer.

Visit the Social Security Office and apply for your replacement card.  They will provide you with a replacement card within 7 to 14 days.  Do NOT schedule an appointment until you receive your ORIGINAL Social Security card.

Yes.  Everyone applying to be an IHSS Independent Provider must have a background check done again using the Live Scan Form we provide.  Your background check results from your previous job are not shared with us due to confidentiality laws.

You have 90 days from the date you attended your scheduled appointment to complete the Provider enrollment steps.  If you do not complete the enrollment requirements within 90 days, you will need to redo the enrollment process again in order to be paid as an IHSS Provider.

Yes.  Minors must be at least 12 years old, comply with the California labor law, complete the Provider enrollment requirements, and obtain a valid school work permit signed by their school's issuing authority to work as an IHSS Provider.

No.  An IHSS Provider only needs to complete the enrollment process once.  It does not matter how many IHSS Recipients you work for.

Yes.  If you have not had payroll activity for over a year, the system will automatically inactivate your status as an IHSS Provider.  You must re-enroll and complete all the Provider enrollment requirements again, including fingerprints for criminal background check.

You will need your user ID, Social Security number, date of birth, and answers to your five (5) security questions to recover your password. If you do not remember them, you will need to start over and create a new account.

It varies from person to person.  If your background check has not cleared within 6 weeks, call the Orange County IHSS Public Authority Main Reception at 714-825-3174.  A written request will be submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a follow up on your DOJ results.

Your initial timesheets may be delayed for reasons such as incomplete/missing forms, your Social Security number was unverifiable by the Social Security Administration Office, or delayed fingerprint/background check results from the Department of Justice.

Your initial timesheets can take UP TO six (6) weeks from your appointment date to appear in either the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) or the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS).

You can submit your Direct Deposit request after you have received your initial timesheets.  It takes about 30 days after you submit your request to receive Direct Deposit and you will receive paper paychecks in the meantime. A separate Direct Deposit Enrollment Form is required for EACH Recipient.  All Direct Deposit enrollments will be handled in West Sacramento.  Please do NOT drop off or mail in your Direct Deposit Enrollment Form to your local IHSS County Office.

This request will have to made by the Recipient with their IHSS Social Worker.

It varies from Recipient to Recipient.  Eligible Recipients will receive a "Notice of Action" that states their approved, authorized hours and services.  Ask the Recipient to go over their "Notice of Action" with you.

If your question is not answered here, call the Provider Enrollment Hotline at 714-825-3195.