Electronic Timesheets & Payroll

IHSS Providers will receive Electronic Timesheets through their Electronic Services Portal (ESP) or Telephone Timesheet System (TTS) account.
  • Watch the ESP / TTS Learning Videos on how to register and submit your completed Electronic Timesheets.
  • To use ESP, you will need to install a web browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  • If you need assistance with registering in the ESP or TTS, contact the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066, Monday through Friday, 8am- 5pm, excluding holidays.
  • Make sure each of your Recipients have registered in either ESP or TTS to approve your Electronic Timesheets. 
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a federal law that requires electronic record of certain information about the IHSS services performed.
  • Providers who do NOT live with their Recipient (also known as non-live-in Providers) must check-in and out at the beginning and end of each work day and indicate if services are being provided in the home or community using the IHSS EVV Mobile Application (App), the Electronic Services Portal (ESP), or the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS) using the Recipient's landline telephone.
  • To learn more, you have the option to participate in the online EVV Location Services Training Webinar.  Click the link listed on EVV Webinar schedule to join a session. 
  • For more information, visit the CDSS website.