Career Pathways

  1. Participation is VOLUNTARY.
  2. Training classes are FREE and began 10/1/2022.
  3. This is a training opportunity for IHSS Providers that have completed the Provider enrollment requirements and want to complete training classes to enhance their skills and build the foundation for career advancement.
  4. Providers will be paid for attending and can earn incentive payments for completing training classes.
  • Providers will be compensated/receive payment for time spent attending and completing training courses for skill development by submitting a claim through the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) and selecting the Career Pathways Claim Type: Training Time.
  • Upon completing one or more training pathways and providing specialized care to a Recipient, Providers may also qualify for incentive payments by submitting a claim through the ESP and selecting the Career Pathways Claim Type: Training Incentive.

5.    Providers will also have access to free coaching to advance their career in healthcare, but they will NOT be compensated by IHSS for completing those courses.

6.    Homebridge Introductory IHSS Caregiver Training Videos

For more information, visit IHSS Career Pathways Program.

If you need assistance with registering for training course(s) or support with your IHSS Career Pathways goals, call the Career Pathways Program Service Line at 1 (866) 371-9736, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, excluding major holidays.