Benefits & Workers' Compensation

What You Need to Know About Workers' Compensation Benefits

  •   Workers Compensation covers IHSS home care Providers for all injuries they may incur while performing services specifically authorized by the IHSS Program.
  • If the home care Provider is injured while performing a non-authorized task, the IHSS Recipient could be held responsible if the IHSS Recipient asked you to perform the task.
  • The home care Provider has 24 hours to report an injury. To begin the filing process, report your injury to your Recipient’s IHSS Social Worker and leave a voicemail message when needed or during non-office hours.
  • If it is an emergency and medical treatment is needed, immediately seek treatment with your own medical provider.
  • Workers’ Compensation is different than State Disability Insurance (SDI).

Information to report to your Recipient’s IHSS Social Worker if you are injured while working your IHSS tasks:

      o   When did the injury happen?

      o   What time did the injury happen?

      o   What time did you start/end work?

      o   How did it happen?

      o   Where did the injury happen?

      o   Did you receive any medical treatment?

      o   If so, where did you receive treatment? Doctor’s information?

State Disability Insurance (SDI) 

State Disability Insurance benefits are available to you if you become disabled and are prevented from doing your regular work and you meet certain eligibility requirements.   If you are the IHSS Recipient’s spouse, parent, or minor child (includes adopted, but not a stepchild or foster child), you have the option to submit the State Disability Insurance Form | Forma para El Seguro Opcional del Estado Contra Incapacidad (SOC 409).  State Disability Insurance premiums will be deducted from your IHSS Provider paychecks.  You should contact your local California Employment Development Department (EDD) office for more information.